The following pages include:

- High School Scholarship Criteria

- Advanced Student Scholarship Criteria                                  

Corning Education Foundation Scholarship

Advanced College Student


The Corning Education Foundation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes.  A goal of the foundation is to provide broader education services and opportunities to Southwest Valley/Corning Community Schools’ students, staff, and residents of the geographical area of Southwest Valley Community Schools.  It is the purpose of this scholarship to help students attain a college degree. 

Funding:  CHS Alumni and Corning residents have donated the funds for this scholarship.

Scholarship:  This yearly award will be in the amount of $1000 to be used to further college education for the junior or senior year of college.


  • Southwest Valley/Corning High School graduate
  • Currently attending a university or college that offers a bachelor’s degree
  • Entering junior or senior year of college in the fall of application year
  • Must have a 2.75 college grade point average

Application Procedure: 

The application should be in the form of a letter and current resume.

Include the following information in your letter of application:

  • College Major
  • Number of college credits attained
  • Copy of college transcript with grade point average
  • Plans/goals for your future--current and after college graduation
  • Explain how this scholarship will help in attaining your goals

Criteria: Character   Citizenship    Future Potential     Leadership     Financial Need

Selection Process: Selection made by members of the Education Foundation Board of Directors

Payment of Scholarship:

·      Payment will occur at the time of the award announcement.                                                   The scholarship will be made out in the name of the student and attending college.

Deadline:   Application deadline is July 15th 

Corning Education Foundation Linda Shearer, Secretaary PO Box 333 Corning, IA 50841